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Section 1: Causations

  • Chapter 1: Learn what causes TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and Poor Facial Development

  • Chapter 2-3: Discover the connection between your breathing airways and TMJ / TMD

  • Chapter 4-5: Learn how breathing airways are connected to facial development and behavioral issues.

  • Chapter 6: Dr. Jerald Simmons & Sleep Disordered Breathing

  • Chapter 7: Anthropology and the Skull, Jaws, Teeth and Face

  • Chapter 8: Anatomy and the Physiology of the Nose & Nitric Acid

  • Chapter 9: Learn about the “simple factory setting” for airway and facial development

Section 2: Treatments

  • Chapter 10: Do you have tongue-tie? Discover how the tongue is the “rudder for the spine”.

  • Chapter 11: Breastfeeding and Facial Development

  • Chapter 12: How our “Bites” are Formed

  • Chapter 13: Preventing and Treating Sleep Apnea and Related Disorders

  • Chapter 14: Home Remedies to Assist in Proper Nose Breathing

  • Chapter 15: You’ve probably never heard of this… Learn about one of the most foundational components to health and wellness that is virtually unknown.

  • Chapter 16: Dr. John Mew - Facial Orthotropics

  • Chapter 17: Discover the Answer to Permanent Treatment for TMJ Disorders

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  • After treating patients for TMJ and Sleep Apnea for over 20 years, this is my way of saying thank you to the community.

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  • Since you’ll be in a better position to evaluate your own treatment options, I hope you’ll see why you should come visit me at the SoCal TMJ and Sleep Center to get relief from TMJ and Sleep Apnea, permanently.

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